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The Has Bin  - An Infant Thru Teen, Juniors & Maternity Consignment Shop
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Appointments for Clothing:

  • If you missed getting an appointment, please call us and we will add you to our waiting list.  When we have a need for your size/gender clothing we will contact you and arrange a drop off time!

  • Appointments are limitedwe take 300 bins in a season, when we are booked, we mean it!

  • Spring/Summer 2020 appointment sign ups will begin on Thursday, January 7, 2020!

  • You may call or stop in to schedule a clothing appointment during sign-up periods.  We do NOT make appointments via email or messenger.


  • ALL clothing is to be STAIN, WRINKLE and WEAR-FREE.
  • i.e. Shoes with scuffs on top and too much wear on bottom will not be accepted.

  • ALL buttons, snaps and zippers MUST be fastened.

  • ALL waistband tabs MUST be loosened.

  • INSIDE OUT clothing WILL NOT be accepted.

  • Items are to be FOLDED neatly with sets folded together.
  • (A set must be the same size and name brand!)

(Please do not safety pin sets together)

  • We are generous in accepting up to (2) 18 gallon bins worth of clothing. Be selective in what you bring and do not over-stuff your bins or there will be a $10 fee/bin assessed to your account.  

We DO NOT Accept The Following Brands:

Walmart Brands, K-Mart Brands, Gerber, Garanimal or 365 Kids
 and Dollar Store Brands!

If your clothing is not prepared as requested, we will charge your account a $10/Bin Prep Fee!

Preparing your clothing according to our guidelines enables us to put your items out on the floor faster!
Thank you!
Consignment for Non-Clothing Items

Baby furniture,equipment and large toys are accepted anytime, no appointment needed...HOWEVER
We ask that you CALL before bringing items to ensure they can be accepted!  

Drop-offs WILL NOT be accepted after 3pm on weekdays or
1pm on Saturdays! 

   All fabric MUST be washed!  Turning your items upside down shows how very dirty they can be! 

We WILL NOT accept dirty, torn, stained or broken items!

All Items that need batteries MUST have working ones included or the item(s) will not be accepted!

Toys must have ALL of their pieces! 
 Incomplete toys Do Not Sell and will NOT be accepted!
 Thank you!
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